Creating recurring profiles is a really convenient way to automatically bill customers, the same amount every single month. 

Go to Invoicing
Click Recurring
Click Create Recurring Profile

To fill in the recurring invoice:

Select a customer
Select what you are charging them for.
On the top right you can select a Starting Date
Below that you can select How Often you want to charge them
And then you can select for how long you want the invoices to automatically send.

*If you leave this option blank, the invoices will keep sending until you turn the status off, or delete the profile. 

      Below that you can select how you want to  Accept payments.

Before you save this profile you want to turn the Status (Top Right) ON.

*If you have a monthly retainer and you wan’t to bill other customers in the identical way.

Click on Duplicate. It will open up the recurring profile
You can simply change the customer.
Turn Status ON,
Save the profile.

And you’re good to go.
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